Improved health outcomes.
Lower care costs.

With Periscope, you don’t have to pick just one. We’re helping our health plan partners better understand their members and see what’s coming next so that they can have both.

Data for Good

At Periscope, we are helping our health plan partners better understand their members and see what’s coming next – improving health outcomes and lowering cost.

It is well known that many of the most significant drivers of poor physical health – and the resulting high costs – are found further “upstream” and include undertreated mental and behavioral health conditions and social factors impacting health. 

With the help of proprietary intelligence and machine learning, Periscope can identify members who are at high risk for developing chronic and expensive health conditions – before they require frequent and costly medical treatment.  

Periscope can further give insights into why each member is at increased risk for developing a particular condition, allowing for earlier interventions specifically tailored to the member or groups of members.

When the healthcare system activates these lower-cost interventions further upstream, the result is healthier members and overall reduced healthcare costs.

How We Help

Population Health

Periscope can identify members who are most likely to be on a pathway to a chronic and costly health condition – before these members would show up as high risk using traditional risk stratification systems. In turn, our health plan partners are able to deploy interventions earlier to improve health outcomes and reduce costs.

HEDIS Measures

Using health plan data, Periscope can identify which members are most likely to be impactable through targeted clinical interventions that map to improved member wellness and drive improved HEDIS scores.

Risk Adjustment

Periscope can identify members who are missing crucial diagnoses in their medical records. With these insights, our health plan partners can get these members to their health care providers quickly, leading to more timely care, while also positively impacting the health plan’s risk adjustment.

We believe in affordable specialty healthcare for all.

Data can be used in many different ways – good, bad and in between

Meet our Medical Specialists

Trey Sutten

Before starting Periscope, Trey was the CEO of a community health plan, where he learned to appreciate the challenges and rewards of serving a population with complex needs.

Dr. Johnson began his medical career practicing internal medicine for more than 14 years, where he focused on treating members with acute and chronic conditions.

Dietrick has more than 20 years of experience working with Medicare and Medicaid health plans in Florida, Georgia and North Carolina, most recently serving as Chief Operations Officer,

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